Restore the skin's youthful luminous glow!

The Ultrasound technology in LUXIFY mode is a warm welcome to your beauty routine.

AVA’s LUXIFY mode features an advanced Ultrasound technology, an incredible system using a cutting-edge method of very high-speed, low-frequency ultrasound waves emitted from AVA’s hypoallergenic LUXIFY treatment head.
This popular in-clinic treatment technology tried, tested and approved by cosmetic doctors and aestheticians for more than 60 years, can now be used safely at the comfort of your home.
The LUXIFY treatment head micro-oscillates a million times per second, making the rejuvenating waves gently penetrate deep below the skin surface, generating a 42-degree Celsius soothing and relaxing heat.

Key Benefits in lUXIFY Mode

Skin rejuvenation

Ultrasound energy released by AVA has been proven to increase tissue temperature and blood flow, boosting the collagen production and oxygen supply, which results in rejuvenating benefits, firmness and tightening, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, increasing tissue elasticity, combating puffiness, fighting acne, and restoring skin’s youthful radiance.

Ultra cleansing effect

Gentle heat produced by AVA’s innovative LUXIFY Mode works to expel and melt away excess sebum, makeup and other impurities. If used with water, it blows water into the pores, and flushes out all the dirt and the grime for a clearer complexion.


Your expensive skincare products work best only if absorbed deeper into the skin. As the main function of the skin is to act as a barrier, the result of the classic hands- alone method doesn’t let these products be absorbed properly, thus delivering poor results.AVA features a Sonophoresis Infusion treatment routine designed to revolutionize the method of delivering serums, vitamins, creams and other active substances deep into the skin to a maximum level, making them more effective in less time.

step 1: Nanoparticle Production

The high-frequency vibrations produced by AVA’s Ultrasound system break those vitamin-enriched serums into nanoparticles and activate the essential ingredients in your skincare formulas so they can easily penetrate the skin.

step 2: Activation of Absorption Channels

The gentle warming effect in AVA’s Ultrasonic Thermopeutic technology opens the skin absorption channels and preps the skin for the infusion of active skincare ingredients. It can increase the skin’s permeability by up to 800%.

step 3: Penetration of Skincare Into Your Skin

Ultrasound waves help your skincare penetrate 4,000 times deeper into the layers of the skin where they can be most beneficial. It allows your skincare to activate by assisting in deeper absorption and effectiveness.

The process is 100% safe, painless and gentle, and in as much as it can be used securely on sensitive skin types.