Limited Warranty – 2 Years

LUXAMAX offers a warranty of two years from the initial date the device was purchased.

Warranty is valid against defective parts or workmanship. The user of the device must strictly adhere to the instructions provided. The warranty will cover any working parts that affect the operation of the item. It will NOT cover any superficial damage caused by normal use that does not affect the functionality of the device nor will it cover damage caused by accidents, unauthorized use, or neglect. Should the device be taken apart (or its accessories) the warranty will be null and void.

Should a defect be discovered, please contact LUXAMAX during the warranty period. LUXAMAX will replace the device at its own discretion at no additional charge. Warranty claims require that a proof of purchase within the warranty period be provided. In order for the warranty to be validated please keep the original purchase receipt and serial number located on the bottom of your item along with these stated warranty conditions for the entirety of the warranty period. Replacement products that have been claimed are not granted a new 2-year warranty. Should your item be a limited edition that has since been discontinued, you may receive a replacement item of the same model but with a different color and/or design.

Please note that in case of replacements, LUXAMAX won’t be responsible to pay the shipping cost or GST.

The Limited Warranty excludes any and all other warranties, whether written, verbally expressed, or otherwise implied. There are no implied warranties valid by the manufacture, use, or sale of this product.

In order to claim the warranty, please log in to your account at www.luxamax.com.au and select the appropriate option to make a claim. Shipping costs are nonrefundable. This process is in addition to all fundamental rights as a consumer and will not affect your rights in any way.

Register Warranty

Activate your 2-Year Limited Warranty by registering the serial number provided on the product under the REGISTER PRODUCT section of your LUXAMAX account.