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Facial Spa at Home could never be easier with LUXAMAX AVA

In years past, getting a facial spa at home was unheard of – facial massage was something that was completely exclusive to spas and dermatology offices. Women had just one option: use their regular skin care routine at home and splurge on a facial at the spa whenever they could afford it.


Thankfully, we have more options today. LUXAMAX has invented a new technology that offers you a high-end spa experience without ever leaving home, using LUXAMAX AVA. AVA is a revolutionary beauty device that offers three exclusive features: PURIFY Mode, LUXIFY Mode, and UVC Mode.


With the facial cleansing and firming massage provided in the PURIFY Mode, you receive a professional facial spa in the comfort of your own home – just what we needed post-pandemic. This innovative beauty device will revolutionize your skin care routine – here’s how.


The Technology Behind the AVA PURIFY Mode

The AVA utilizes revolutionary, innovative technology to provide spa-level results in the comfort of your own home. The micro-pulse, counter-oscillating sonic technology, delivered through the AVA brush head, provides dual services: a skin cleansing and purifying system, plus an anti-aging and facial lifting massage.


Counter-Oscillating for Purifying and Cleansing

Looking at the AVA’s brush, you’ll notice two separate silicone surfaces. Each surface micro-oscillates at a carefully calculated frequency, which stimulates your skin and delivers a gentle, yet strong cleansing treatment. This allows the beauty device to get deep into your pores and truly rid your skin of excess oils, dirt, and makeup – effectively removing all impurities.


The silicone bristles are specifically designed to maintain optimal contact with your face – perfect for using with your favorite cleanser. AVA offers the most hygienic and gentle approach to skincare, as the silicone used is anti-microbial, odor-resistant, hypo-allergenic, and medical-grade.


Micro-Pulsing to Lift and Firm

As AVA’s PURIFY Mode cleanses your face, it also delivers tiny micro-pulses. This acts as a mini-workout for your skin and facial muscles, promoting dynamic skin renewal. The silicone bristles are incredibly soft, so the facial workout feels gentle and comfortable. This built-in facial massager actively tightens your pores, stimulates collagen, and gives your skin a glowing, youthful appearance.


The AVA works for all skin types by providing three different facial massage intensities. Choose from low, medium, and high-intensity options, depending on if you have sensitive, normal, oily, or combination skin. Curious? See AVA’s technology up close and personal.


Benefits of Facial Cleansing with the AVA Purify Mode

AVA’s PURIFY Mode provides a deep cleansing treatment that uses technology previously only available in the spa. With this technology, you can expect to see spa-quality results. Including:


Deep Cleansing on the Inside and Out

Remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup residue that cause blemishes through the AVA micro-pulse silicone head, which oscillates at a precise frequency to reach deep into the pores and remove impurities. You’ll be left with skin that is clean both on the surface and inside the pores.


Exfoliated, Smooth Skin

Get smooth, even skin with dermatologist-level exfoliation. As AVA works its cleansing magic, it removes dead skin cells, exfoliating and renewing your skin. You’ll be left with brighter skin that efficiently absorbs topical skincare products.


Benefits of Facial Massage with the AVA PURIFY Mode

AVA’s PURIFY Mode also unlocks the anti-aging and facial lifting benefits of the micro-pulse counter-oscillating sonic technology, delivered through the silicone head. This mode provides you with multiple benefits:


Improved Circulation and Increased Firmness

For a lifted, tight appearance, AVA’s facial massage sends an influx of oxygen and blood to the face, while also firming the contours of the cheeks, jawline, and neck. The result is a glowing complexion with sculpted facial features that not only look great, but feel great too. Watch how one user incorporates the AVA into her daily and weekly skin care routine.


Facial Rejuvenation

Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as AVA’s micro-pulsing brush relaxes the tensions you hold in your facial muscles while simultaneously stimulating the production of collagen and improving skin texture.


Tighter, Bounce-Back Skin

AVA could cater to both men and women, as all people benefit from the practice of facial massage. It increases moisture retention as it hydrates and soothes the skin, preparing it to absorb topical skincare. Finally, you’re left with tightened skin, giving it that bounce-back feel that accompanies younger-looking complexions.


Lymphatic Drainage

We hold fluid in the lymphatic system, which can often be seen in our faces. AVA’s facial massage can help to drain the lymphatic fluid in the face, reducing the appearance of bloating or swelling. While this provides a sharper look on the exterior, it’s also great for flushing out built-up toxins and waste.


Reduced Puffiness

Use the beauty device each morning to drain the fluid under the eyes and in the face, as the dual-oscillating head massages your face to deflate morning puffiness. This will allow your natural cheekbones and jawline to shine.


Want to see it in action? For a full visual tutorial, watch this 2021 luxe beauty routine.


LUXAMAX AVA: A Must-Have Beauty Device for High-End Luxury Product Lovers and a perfect facial spa at home

Since AVA’s treatment head is made from soft silicone, it’s gentle enough to be used daily, even for sensitive skin. LUXAMAX recommends you use the facial cleansing and massaging effects provided by AVA’s PURIFY Mode twice a day to remove impurities, dirt, and makeup residue, while simultaneously decreasing puffiness, adding firmness, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



The LUXAMAX AVA is the perfect addition to your skin care routine, especially if you appreciate the pampering qualities that only high-end luxury products can offer. AVA users actually save money, as the durable silicone brush lasts longer than traditional nylon brushes, which need to be replaced every couple of months. Through the AVA beauty device, you can experience a facial spa at home, as often as you’d like!


Ready to embark on your own luxe skincare journey with AVA? Shop now.



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